Vision and Mission


With advancements in technology and a continuous increase in access to the internet causing a major boom in e-commerce and the online marketplace (particularly as currently witnessed in major parts of Africa), undoubtedly online trading and engagements has become a huge step forward in the modern business world. It is against this background that Court 86 strives to promote business growths by providing a safe and reliable mechanism for users to fall back on in resolving such disputes as may continually arise from such online contracts and transactions. 
Though the practice is still quite novel to Africa, Court 86 ODR platform recognizes the challenges faced by most disputants these days in seeking a redress or pursuing a wrong through the available traditional means of litigation. Therefore, the platform aims to provide a viable and user friendly alternative by offering a variety of ADR solutions and services to including arbitration, mediation and negotiation.
Taken together, Court 86’s Vision can be summarized as follows:

Foster Business Relations

Because of the private and confidential nature the process enjoys, the process helps restore strains in business disputes for maximal profits.

Party Autonomy

Accelerate settlements and improve the success rates by engaging parities with an interactive vs. passive negotiation. Here, parties get to make concessions, offers and counter-offers to reach a mutual decision.

Quick, Reliable Settlement

File online…Interface online…Negotiate online…Settle online. Avoid scheduling conflicts, meetings, court dates, etc.

Reduce Costs

Lower the human resource, legal costs and overall turnaround time.


Our mission is to provide a service which enhances blends together an efficient and standardized process of disputes resolution.
Court 86’s mission is to be at the front row in advancing the cause and process of online settlement of disputes. We do this by:

Setting ethical standards for the engagement of experts and users.

Encouraging and supporting best practices on conflict management and online dispute resolutions by engaging with and educating consumers and businesses/owners.

Calling out and addressing fraudulent marketplace behaviors.

Creating a community of trustworthy businesses and business growth.