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Becoming a registered Mediator / Arbitrator on Court86.com is fast and simple. Fill out a quick sign-up form, choose your listing level, and fill in your account details. Best of all, Court86.com goes well beyond neutral listing services and will actually help you process and manage your cases through our proprietary case processing system.

Starting A Case

Joining A Case

Did you receive an invitation to join a Court86.com case? If so, just login with the information provided and you can begin presenting your case through our online case facilitation process.

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Starting A Case

Initiating a case in Court86.com is simple and straightforward. Court86.com is a role-based system so the first step is to login or create an account for free.

Start a Case
Dedicated Support

If you have any questions, email us or give us a call and we can help you get comfortable with the process.


Marketing Choices

Pump up your profile and leverage your exisiting social marketing with premium profile features.

Standard Neutral Listing – free

Divide details about your product or agency work into parts. Write a few lines about each one. A paragraph describing a feature will be enough.


Expanded Resume

Case Management

Video Mediation

Premium Neutral Listing – N35,000 yearly

This level enables a mediator/arbitrator to integrate fully with powerful Internet search dynamics including the mediators website, Facebook page, Linkedin Page and Blog.

Standard Level, Media Links, Blog Link, Website Link

Professional Association Link, Video Mediation

Confidential Secure Messaging, Electronic Case File

Case Billing Templates, Case Conversion


Foster Business Relations

Because of the private and confidential nature the process enjoys, the process helps restore strains in business disputes for maximal profits.

Party Autonomy

Accelerate settlements and improve the success rates by engaging parities with an interactive vs. passive negotiation. Here, parties get to make concessions, offers and counter-offers to reach a mutual decision.

Quick, Reliable Settlement

File online…Interface online…Negotiate online…Settle online. Avoid scheduling conflicts, meetings, court dates, etc.

Reduce Costs

Lower the human resource, legal costs and overall turnaround time.

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